- This is a story about life and survival. - 
A new born baby turtle brakes the shell and meets the world for the first time. He needs to find his way back to the ocean and learn to avoid dangerous animals on the seashore to survive.
Storyboards by MinJung Park
Equipment and mechanics
In this project, we used HMD as a display for the player to see the 3D world, and two trackers on hands to record the gesture movements. Since the early version of VR is kind of clumsy, we need to find a similar experience to create for the players. This is why we chose to create a story of a turtle because when we think about being a turtle, our movement is slow and our head can't move much either, just like the feeling while wearing the VR set.
My role
This was a 2-week project for the Building Virtual World. My role was a 3D designer where I created the intro movie, antagonists, and some sea creatures. We worked together to design a delightful and fun experience for the user.
Game - Video

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