Glam Beauty Cosmetics is a new cosmetic distributor at south of Seattle. They import foreign beauty products into the US from Europe and Asia. The project is to brand the owner and their business, create new value proposition and showcase their products to their target audience.
The project started with a photography service. The client needed pictures to do some basic branding work. As I got to know more about the their business and products, I felt something was missing and proposed a design solution to the client according to the opportunities I saw. 
The client was very happy with the proposal and accepted it.  

Project Road map - From planning to execution

problems and opportunities
1) Missing Value
The client imports several brands into the states and each brand has their own marketing materials. The brands the client chose can work together for a better result, which can lead to a long-term commitment of the users, so there are missing values not presented.
2) Approach the New Market
The client's main business is in a different field. For this new cosmetic business, the client needs to build a new circle. Their main way to distribute the products is through WeChat, a communication app popular in Asia, where they have groups and social networks to connect to potential consumers. They have a certain marketing style. However, when exposed to a broader audience, they need a solid presentation of themselves, clarified branding messages, with the products that is tailored to the US market, especially when talking to retailers and customers. 
3) A balance among Self, Business, and Products Branding

Personal Image design
People fall in love with personalities. A good personal brand follows and benefits the person in a long term.
Brochure Design
The client imports several brands into the states and the products don't all have English descriptions at the moment. Their main way is to distribute now is through WeChat, a Chinese communication app where people use to 

Tri-fold brochure design

Render - texture

Render - mug             It's a lifestyle!

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