In the designer's world, building a product means satisfying a group of users needs. However, as a business, it needs to find all the possible ways to bring in revenue, sometime it means the product and service would transform to a platform that also serves as the channel of other business.
Since the born of Kinect, it is marketed as the device that turns people into the controller and it is  expected to create a better immersive experience in the living room space. So what can Kinect do and what magic can it bring to the marketing world to prove its potential as a new way to advertise?
With these questions in mind, a group of CMU graduate students did a summer R&D project to create examples to prove Kinect's use in advertising and the channel distribution/advertising capabilities on the Xbox platform. 
 Kinect has two selling points. One is voice control and the other is the depth camera. With voice control it means without moving, we can interact with Xbox. With depth camera and image processing, we can sense the movements of the subject and can even show the person on the screen to create an immersive instance. 
A business channel can be used for distribution, like an immediate purchase suggestion - buying a pizza while watching football. It can also used as a medium to build awareness of a brand, where a commercial between TV shows can draw the user's attention in a short amount of time and let the users to explore more afterwards to influence a potential purchase.
Since we are not advertising experts, we spent one week to analyze the previous successful advertisements shown during super bowl and advertisements people are still enjoying watching/consuming on YouTube to get a sense of the taste of end customers and how the ad agencies successfully delivered the message between a 15-30 seconds time frame.
One of the interesting findings through our project is that people love stories, even a series of stories. If an advertisement is fun to watch, they expect a second episode and more. The other one we find is people want to be present, especially at a special moment, they imagine they are right there with the objects he want to be with.
Then the problem goes to how we can apply Kinect technologies and these findings into several good examples will bring confidence to the traditional advertising channel buyers to invest on the new platform. 
We carefully designed and developed two prototypes of two possible directions to distribute video content and an immersive experience where customers can share their picture and obtain details in a dedicated location in the Xbox app on mobile devices as a follow-up.

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