Fig.1 - Cover Art by HyunJoo Oh

A Game about Hope, Belief and Survival
"Inside every good play lives a question. A great play asks questions that endure through time. We enact plays in order to remember relevant questions; we remember questions in our bodies and the perceptions take place in real time and space."
Design Elements and Mental Model

Fig. 2 - Aristotle's Six Elements of Drama

Fig. 3 - Mental model reference

The evil spirit destroyed the land. A little girl found the last seed and prays to the gods to help protect the growth of the tree.
Characters and Mission
(1) Four elemental players - Collect Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind elements to the seed to encourage the growth.
(2) Two warrior players - Defeat the enemies sent from evil spirits to the tree to protect the fruits.
Squirrels and locusts.
Platforms & Mechanics
This game requires collaboration between two platforms. One is Jam-o-Drum, where four players can rotate and press the wheels to interact with the objects on the projected surface, and the other one is Playmotion!, where two players can use two light wands to interact with the objects on the projected screen. 
Take Away
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