The land was destroyed by evil spirits. A little girl found the last seed in her homeland. In order to grow the seed and bring hope back to the land, she prays to get the warmth of the sun, the soil of the earth, the drops of rain and the breeze of the wind to help the seed grow.
Protagonist - players
Antagonist - animals sent by evil spirit
Confidant/Narrator - little girl
My role
My role was a 3D designer where I directed the 3D intro/ending movie, little girl, and antagonist. I also collaborated with the team to design the story line and game play.
Platforms & mechanics
We were given the task to use two platforms to create a multiplayer game. One platform is drum-o-drum where there are four wheels that users can rotate and press. The other one is playmotion!, which has a receiver that captures the position of the wand, in order to trigger events in the game.
Design The hero's journey
The players are in a sacred dimension where two altars are located. As the animation starts, the girl starts talking to the people about what happened in her world and will ask for help. Players need to find ways to help the girl achieve her goal and succeed. 
Platform 1 and platform 2 take turns to act as the story goes.
Platform 1 is an Alta which allows 4 players to collect element segments (water, heat, wind, earth) to help the tree grow and fruit. Platform 2 is a screen where 2 players can cast light magic to the girl's world to protect the tree from being infested. 

whole game - video
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