In 2013, I worked on a project for a local company to design a video wall to showcase their promotion videos designed mostly for games and gaming studios. The clients wanted to try out Kinect as the control method to solve the interactive challenges related to big screen interactions.

Illustration - Engage with gesture control

There a bunch of videos on RunStudios' website. Most of them are created for events that will be shown on a big screen. Thus, it will be great if we can mimic the final results RunStudios can deliver on a similar visual scale.
Location, cost, and installation difficulty
The client wanted to integrate this experience at their company entrance so every guest had the opportunity to check their previous work while waiting. The client also wanted the solution to be budget-friendly and easy to install.
Touchscreen v.s. Kinect + projection
  As we know, touchscreen input is more accurate but the trade off is that the user has to be really close to the wall which limits the space that they can see, which weakens the visual effects of the video content. Kinect gesture is not good for precise input but provides the possibility for the user to engage at a distance which increase the area they can see and an amplified visual impact. 
Key Interactions
There are three stages of the experience: 
1. User walks into scene and starts to engage ;
2.User is interacting with the elements on the main screen ;
3. User enters deep into a specific content.(video/company info)

Show what's important and limit the options
Due to the limitation of gesture control capabilities and accuracy, I have to cut down the basic interactions on the screen.
The assumption is when user get into an engaged screen, they will first have a general view of all the videos with categories labels on top. they can scroll to view more videos. Once they put the hand cursor over the video, a short description window pops up and the video starts to play as a preview.
User can choose to keep the cursor at the video and after 10 sec the screen will enter the full player mode. If they are not interested in this video, they can choose another video to preview and watch.

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