------ Design Process ------
1. Understand the problem
WatchGuard provides "Award-winning solutions that are easy to deploy and manage, making enterprise-grade security accessible to any organization regardless of size or expertise."
When the device amount goes up, the registration process starts to get tedious and time-consuming. The company is looking for a more straightforward solution for their clients. 

Fig. 1 - Previous registration steps

Fig.2 - Pain Points of the User

2. Solutions
The solution needs to be 
(1) ready to use with hands-on devices; 
(2) helpful to scan the barcode; 
(3) informative with previous registration history;  
3. Design Iterations

Fig.3 - Wireframe

Fig.4 - Comps

4. Future features and home page
Scanning is just one way to input the numbers. Potentially, this app can also get barcode/numbers from pictures, let users manually input, and manage their personal info.

Fig.5 - Possible future features

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